Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Typical Day!!

Just thought of sharing how a day typically happens for us now after moving to the new place. So here it goes and most of them take place almost everyday excepting a few days.

Our typical day starts with music. Yes... listen to it now. Beep beep beep... thus goes the alarm somewhere around 4 to 4.30 in the early morning (should I say mid-night?). It is one moment when we hate ourselves like anything on why in the first place we set the alarm. Most of the times I do not get disturbed by such intrusions hihihiihiiii... Cursing with a "pch..." or "hmmm..." we (mostly Anu) hit the snooze button only to get irritated by the beep in a few minutes.

Though Anu wakes up to snooze it she makes sure that I get up first and get refreshed and she succeeds almost every time. Think this victory should give her a great feeling and this means she can sleep for some more time. And when I come out and wake her up, she opens and closes her 5 fingers as though pumping the air horn and I hear her feeble voice begging "5 minutes pleaseee...". Without waiting for my response she covers her head with the bed-sheet and continues her sleep.

I go out to wash the clothes. I should thank the washing machine that helps in completing this task. I sometimes wonder if the dhobi in our area washes so many clothes in a week atleast which we wash in a single day. I set the timer and go to wake Anu in case she is still sleeping. I start peeling fruits which we have when we travel to office in the cab. In the meanwhile, she joins me in few minutes in the kitchen after getting refreshed. Then she prepares coffee for both of us. Then she starts working towards preparing breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I assist her in cutting vegetables and then dry up the clothes.

Actually we have 2 situations - when Aditi is asleep or awake. So, all the above are possible only if Aditi is sleeping. But somehow she gets to know that both of us are out of the room and will shout either Amma or Appa. So I would go to take care of her, since I dont know cooking, while Anu does most of them on her own. The remaining is taken care by Anu's mom after we leave.

Once Aditi is awake, I go to take care of her. We get into bathroom to brush. Most of the times she brushes herself and sometimes wants me to do it. Then she will have milk (horlicks or boost) by watching TV. Then I take her to give bath, dry her, dress her up and comb her and she is ready. And in the meantime Anu is complete with packing the tiffin boxes for us - both breakfast and lunch, pack Aditi's lunch box and pack her school bag. This happens only when either Aditi or I are in a good mood, else one other task in Anu's plate for that particular day :)

Once Aditi is out of bathroom, it's the turn of Anu and me to get ready. Once we are ready, we kiss a goodbye to Aditi and rush to the cab pick up point, fortunately just in front of our apartment. I usually go first so that I can ask the driver to stay for sometime just in case if Anu has not arrived. We get into the cab and finish off with the fruits first before crawling into the book which we have in the laptop bag. I have heard and read that reading in the traveling vehicle is a strain to the eyes, and you can enjoy the world outside while traveling too. All that sounds fine, but if you happen to travel in the cab we go, for that matter any cab, you might as well be happy to not see how rashly he drives the vehicle. So to avoid getting tensed that early in the morning, we prefer reading some book or the other till we reach office.

By the time we reach the office, Aditi would have started to her school in the school bus at 8 am. She will come back around 12.30pm, picked up by the lady from creche that is inside our apartment. She stays there till we pick her up in the evening.

Once we reach office we go straight to the gym and work out for around half an hour. Then we refresh and go to cafeteria to have the breakfast we had packed from home. Once we are through, we goto our workplace and continue with our office work. We start from office in the evening at 4.45 and reach the apartment around 6pm. We then pick up Aditi from creche and go home.

After getting refreshed, I take Aditi to the play area. She spends sometime there along with the other kids in swing, slide and playing with sand. Sometimes, Anu joins us. Then we go back home. Anu continues with her dinner chores and Aditi does some coloring or that amuses her - singing. She loves it as she seldom closes her mouth. She will sing rhymes or movie songs or prayers or at times, something on her own. Its time for dinner. Once Aditi and I are through with our dinner, Anu will have her dinner and sets the dining area/table right before sleeping.

In the meanwhile, I will take Aditi to make her sleep. I have to tell her a story or two else she will not allow me to sleep. Most of the times, I tell her the story with half asleep. Sometimes, I wake up when Aditi shouts "come on tell appa" and had to hardly remember what I was telling her before I fell asleep and continue it :) Most of the times, before Anu is off to bed, she takes care of setting the alarm so that our next day also starts with music - obviously which we won't like it the next morning :)


  1. Jai you had nicely narrate you're daily life where it matches 80% of IT Life style

    One advice : Try to have solid food in the morning instead of having only fruits.

    Never ever skip breakfast.

  2. Haha.. Nice one Jai...

    Glad to see it is just not ME who starts the day by 5:00AM.

    Imagine when Homework starts for Aditi...


  3. thx praba and we dont miss breakfast ;)
    thx Mano...can feel ur satisifed sigh... hahahaaa... ;)

  4. Nicely written Jai..Loved reading it :)I guess 24 hrs a day is not enough after marriage :)