Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15.Mar.2010: Artist Anu's feat!!

Drawn with HB pencils
Think most of you know that my better half (yes, really better :)) Anu does many art work that includes drawing. She has now got a drawing notebook and started drawing after a long gap. Recently she drew a toy seller picture using different HB pencils for shading. It came out so well that I immediately took a copy of that drawing and pasted in my workplace. No wonder that everyone who had seen that drawing were amazed at the work and I really felt happy for her.

I never knew that much more happier moment is waiting in the cards for me. Yes, my manager Sri went a step ahead and asked me if Anu will draw some picture for her in a chart. She also told that she will get the chart and pencils for that. Isn't that a great thing? Yes, it is and I was very happy to hear that. I checked with Anu and confirmed that she will do it.

Anu din't say "yes" immediately as she was afraid if she was of that calibre but ultimately agreed. The next day, Sri came with 2 charts and charcoal pencils and I handed it over to Anu :) Anu (for that matter me too) was not aware if such chart sheets are there as we are used to the normal chart papers only. Also, it was the first time that Anu will be trying in charcoal pencils. She thought she will first try in one chart to learn the nuances to use charcoal pencils and then will draw in the other chart.
Drawn with charcoal pencils
She started to draw the same drawing which Sri liked. She could not spend time during the weekdays and sat to draw during the weekends, that too after Aditi slept. She spent totally 3 weekends to complete the drawing. And, yes... she did complete in the first chart itself which she told she would first try. Think I need not say that it came out really well and was beautiful.

We handed the chart to Sri and she was very happy that Anu took sometime to draw it for her. In the next 2-3 days, Sri sent us the snap of the drawing that made both of us very happy. Sri framed it and added more beauty to the drawing and hanged it in her home and snapped it and sent it to both of us. That moment was really great.

This is the collage of her drawing before and after framing :)
Anu was so happy to see her drawing decorating someone's drawing room :) Wishing her to achieve more and who knows maybe I would be managing her business in the future scheduling her Art exhibition :) I wish that to happen for my wonderful lady :)


  1. happy to write the first comment ... :)
    @ anu akka ... superrrrrr.... the shades and all just with pencils.. mind blowing.... keep drawing.... keep rocking...
    @ jai anna .... cool blog:)

  2. Wonderful talent display of Anu :) Anna it is very nice to see that you encourage her a lot....Waiting to see Anu's art exhibition one day :)