Wednesday, June 29, 2011

16-Jun-2011: Aditi Anjay @ LKG 'A' Section!!

It is 16th June 2011. Though it may not mean a lot to you all but it was a moment to cherish for Anu and I as Aditi started her academic year in LKG class. Yes, this is the day Aditi went to her LKG class after being promoted from Pre-KG. So for another year, it is going to be Aditi Anjay, LKG 'A' Section, PSBB LLA, Bangalore :)

Wanted to share with you all on how her first week into LKG went. Few weeks back we went to pay the fees (hope most fo you all, by now, know how big hole it makes in your pocket!!!) and got her books, shoes and uniform. This is the first time she is gonna wear uniform in PSBB (earlier she wore uniform in when she was going to Apple Kids) as for pre-kg there was no uniform and it was a big challenge for us on choosing a dress daily. Now we dont have that challenge hihihihihihiiiii. She tried the uniform there.

The day before her first day in LKG, took her to a studio near by and took passport size foto for her ID card.

Aditi seems to say that she is going to go to PSBB school for the 2nd year:

And thats Aditi in her full attire with her ID Card minus school bag:

Eager to know what is in store for her at school - new teacher, few new friends, new location and things like that. With her mom inside our apartment (only to those who know tamil: சிங்க நடை போட்டு song in the background :)):

We waited sometime for her school bus. It came around 8.45am and we followed it to the school and were waiting around the entrance to the KG section. There was an Aunt and a teacher in the bus. Along with them, the driver helped in getting the kids from the bus and took them to their respective classes. Aditi seen standing in the line with all the kids from that bus.

Now she marches towards her class :)

She had to cross a small Vinayakar Temple (to her right) inside the campus

before entering into the KG section - that's Anjay clicking the KG section.

Come on, let us enter to have a peek into the KG section.

Aditi's class is in the first floor. She need to take the step and come to the right corner in the foto for her LKG 'A' section class.

We met her class teacher and then came home. In the afternoon, went to pick her up from the school bus and waited for quite a long time as expected since it was the first day and know it would be a mess there in school before the buses started. Her bus came almost after an hour's wait at 1.30 pm. We could see her smiling on seeing us from the bus while few kids were asleep (you cant expect them to be awake since they leave so early in the morning.)

Once she got down, she immediately opened her school bag and showed us what they did on the first day. A craft item with a "welcome" on it. She told her madam asked them to do the sticking.

And a closer look at what she d in her hand:

Exactly a week later she got the first "star". She told that her madam gave it to those who colored nicely and posed with the star in her hand:

This is juz what happened during her first week into the LKG. Hoping to share a few more in the days to come. Till then, tata bye bye :)


  1. Tooo good Jai u seems a proud Dad all the best for Aditis future

  2. Nicely narrated!! both of you look very excited on ur daughter's first day at school!! Why not!! Life's first things are truly cherishable ones...

    I wish you both and Aditi, a happiest life together :)

  3. This is awesome jai anna! You know what stuck me first when I went thro this post..?? Her kg days deserve such a wonderul post.. Then what would jai anna do for her firrst day at college. Say an medical college..??? Ha ha ha! You seem to be a proud daddy.. Aditi's damn cute with the star on her hand.. Lucky parents.. Lucky daughter.. God bless! Good luck to aditi!:-):-):-)